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TeenSafe for Android - Remote, Rigorous and Risk-Free!

TeenSafe is the ideal Android monitoring app. Here are just some of the reasons why people choose us:

  • Spy in real time on a person’s calls, texts, WhatsApp, Facebook messages, location, browser history and more.
  • Operates in stealth mode - Never worry about your target finding out about the app on their phone.
  • Available for all Android devices - Teensafe runs on all brands of Android devices.
  • Remote spying - You can access your target’s device no matter where you are.
  • Premium subscription for just $9.99 per month!
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TeenSafe for Android Top Features
Location Tracker
Find the target’s GPS location in real-time. Monitor their location history.
Text Message Monitor
View all incoming and outgoing texts. Access deleted messages.
WhatsApp Spying
View all sent and received messages. See contacts’ details and shared media files.
Facebook Messenger Spying
Check out their private inbox. Monitor sent and received media files.
Instagram Spying
Monitor all their Direct Messages. See their followers and who they follow.
Geofence Alert
Mark out areas where the target is not allowed to go. Receive alerts when the device crosses these borders.
Browser History Tracker
See what sites they are viewing. Ensure that they’re safe on the web.
Gallery Monitor
View all taken photos and videos. Check out downloaded and sent content.
Call Monitor
Listen to calls in real time. Target will never know they are being listened to.
Monitor All Android Devices in Real Time!
Begin extensively spying on all Android devices in just and handful of minutes by following these 3 quick and easy steps:
Create a TeenSafe account
Register for free with your email address.
Install TeenSafe
You will have to access the target’s device and install it the app.
Start Spying
Once the app is installed, log in and start monitoring the target.
Ensure Your Family’s Safety At All Times
The threats that your children are facing online everyday are growing! TeenSafe is helping parents like you fight back and safeguard your family. With TeenSafe you will have 100% oversight of who your child contacts, what messages they send and receive, their current and previous location, the websites they visit, and more. TeenSafe is an amazing tool that ensures you know where your child is at all times, that your child is not viewing inappropriate content and that they aren’t talking to strange or dangerous people online.
Try TeenSafe for Android Now!
Take care of your family and achieve peace of mind by installing the best Android spying app today! For only $9.99 per month, monitor 100% of your target’s activity, including viewing their location, browser history, media, listening to their calls and more! If you’re not satisfied with what TeenSafe has to offer, you can enroll for our 60-day money back guarantee.