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Can a TextFree Number Be Traced? 

Last Updated: September 20, 2023 by Vikram


TextFree app

Anonymous communication has been popular for several years now, and there are various platforms and apps that allow for it. One such app is TextFree, which gives its users an assigned phone number that allows them to anonymously communicate with others. 

For this reason, identifying a TextFree user’s phone number can be tricky, especially since the app also makes it clear that it values its users’ privacy. As a result, no random person can ask TextFree to give up a user’s personal details; only the police can do that if they have a court-ordered warrant. 

However, in this guide, we’ll take you through a few ways in which you can identify someone who’s trying to communicate with you via TextFree. 

Can TextFree Numbers Be Traced? 

No, by default, you cannot trace a user’s phone number via TextFree. This is because the app gives all its users an assigned phone number to allow them to anonymously communicate with others. The only time you can find out someone’s number is if you have them saved in your address book. Only then will their name appear as their caller ID. 

Additionally, the app also has no search function like a lot of other messaging apps do, so you can’t search for someone by their name or phone number. 

How to Track a TextFree Number 

Trace a TextFree number from a chat

In this section, we take you through several ways in which you can attempt to identify someone’s phone number via TextFree. 

1: Ask the User to Introduce Themselves to You 

The very first thing you can do if you want to find out who a certain TextFree number belongs to is to ask them to introduce themselves to you. This could result in them giving you their name, especially if their reason for contacting you is legitimate. Being an anonymous platform, TextFree is largely used for legitimate purposes, but certain individuals do take advantage of it for ethical activities. 

However, you must note that while this is the simplest way of finding out who you’re talking to, it might not be the most effective. Here’s what you can do to find out – 

Step 1 – Start the conversation on a polite note and ask the sender if they could introduce themselves to you. 

Step 2 – If they do, you can immediately find out who you’re talking to. On the other hand, if they don’t, you can be more direct and tell them you don’t recognize their number and would like to know who you’re speaking to. 

Step 3 – As a last attempt, you can also tell them that you’d prefer to know who you’re speaking to before you continue the conversation. If they still refuse to introduce themselves, you can block them, especially if you’re unsure about their motives and feel uncomfortable. 

2: Check If They’ve Set a TextFree Signature 

Once you create an account on TextFree, the app gives you an opportunity to set a signature with your name. This feature, however, isn’t enabled by default. If the user or sender has set up a signature, you can look for it to find out who you’re speaking to, and the steps to do so are given below – 

Step 1 – Open the text message you’ve received from the sender and scroll down to the bottom of it. If there’s a signature, you’ll be able to find out who is sending you a message. 

Step 2 – If there is a signature, chances the person may have included their full name or even their first name. This can give you a good idea about who the sender is. 

However, given that a lot of users don’t set up a signature, this method isn’t guaranteed to give you results. If there is no signature, you might have to ask the sender to identify themselves or reach out to TextFree’s customer support for assistance. 

3: Search for the Sender’s IP Address 

Another method you can use to check the sender’s IP address. To do this, you’ll have to configure your caller ID to ensure that the caller’s IP address shows up when you receive a call via the app. While this won’t give you their exact address, it can give you a broader sense of the target’s location. 

Here’s how you can set this up – 

Step 1 – Configure your Caller ID to show the user’s IP address whenever you receive a call. 

Step 2 – Wait for a call or a text message from the person you want to trace. 

Step 3 – Note down the caller ID and IP address of the person calling or messaging you. 

Step 4 – Use an IP address lookup service to check the person’s IP address and find out who it may belong to. 

Once again, given that you’re tracking their IP address, the service may only be able to show you their approximate location and not their exact physical location. However, chances are that this could give you an idea of who’s trying to call or message you. 

4: Reach Out to TextFree’s Customer Support 

Another solution that you can consider, especially if you’re being continually harassed by someone is to reach out to TextFree’s customer support team for assistance. They might be able to help you block the sender or flag them. However, given that the app also places a great deal of emphasis on user privacy, finding out the sender’s identity might be tricky. 

Step 1 – Open the TextFree app or its website on a browser. 

Step 2 – Navigate to the Support menu. You’ll typically find it in the Settings or Help menus. 

Step 3 – Select the option that allows you to report abuse or harassment. 

Step 4  – Provide the customer support team with the sender’s TextFree number. 

Step 5 – Give the customer support team all the information they need regarding the harassment, including the nature, and the dates and timestamps of all the messages you’ve received. 

Step 6 – If the team is able to identify the user, they may provide you with the information, or at the very least block the person from being able to contact you again. 

5: Make Use of Social Media 

Another way of finding out the identity of the sender or caller, especially if they happen to share any personal details of themselves is to use social media to find them. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn can be great sources of information. If you land on someone who you suspect might be the one speaking to you on TextFree, reach out and ask them if they are. 

Using this approach will require you to act tactfully, so you can get as much information about them as possible. 

Step 1 – Gather any possible details about them as you can. This could be their occupation, their location, or even a part of their name. 

Step 2 – Log into any social media platform of your choice and search for the individual based on the details you’ve received. These apps typically allow you to filter suggestions based on occupation, location, and more, so these details can come in handy. 

Step 3 – Once you find a profile that matches the sender’s details to a certain extent, reach out to them and ask them if they’ve messaged you on TextFree. If they haven’t you’ll get your answer, but if they haven’t, you’ll have to look for other potential matches or find another solution. 

6: Hire a Private Investigator 

If the methods mentioned above don’t work, you’ll have to take matters one step further and consider hiring a private detective or investigator. The first thing to keep in mind about this approach is that hiring an investigator can be pricey, but if the person is experienced in tracing VoIP numbers, it still might be worth it. 

Always make sure you hire a licensed private investigator. Make sure to read through reviews and get recommendations wherever possible, and also make sure to speak to their references to be certain. 

You’ll have to ensure that you give them all the information you have about the sender or caller, including any personal details they might have shared with you. Don’t hesitate to share your suspicions, as it could give the investigator a sense of discretion in which to focus their efforts. 

7: Purchase a Spy App 

The dashboard of the uMobix spy app

If you have a strong suspicion that the person messaging you on TextFree is your partner or someone around you, you could consider using a spy app to find out if it’s really them. When you search for spy apps online, you’ll come across several options. However, always keep in mind that only some of these are truly reliable and worth your money. 

One such app is uMobix, which works on both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below to install this app on the target device. 

Step 1 – Open the uMobix website and purchase a subscription. 

Step 2 – Select the OS of the target device (Android or iOS). 

Step 3 – If the target device is an iOS phone, all you’ll need to do is enter the user’s iCloud credentials, and the app will sync with their device remotely. 

Step 4 – If the user uses an Android smartphone, you’ll have to physically access their device and install the app on it. All the installation instructions will be provided to you in the welcome email. 

Step 5 – Once you install the app on the target device, you’ll be able to get all the keystrokes they’ve entered on their device using the app’s keylogger. Once you navigate to the keylogger, you’ll know for sure if the target uses TextFree, as the app will record each message along with the app it was sent on. 

How to trace a text free app number with uMobix

If you’ve been able to get their IP address and track it to a rough location, you’ll also be able to confirm this using the app’s GPS tracker. If the two locations are rather similar, this could be another sign that the target is the one reaching out to you on TextFree. 

Is It Possible to Trace Text App Numbers? 

Yes, you can use a combination of methods to trace text app numbers. This could include looking them up on a search engine like Google or on a social media app, getting their IP address, or even using a spy app like uMobix

Can You Trace a TextFree App Number? 

No, it isn’t possible to trace a TextFree app number as this is a virtual number assigned to each user via the application. However, there are various methods you can use to try and identify someone who is sending you messages on TextFree. 

Can A TextFree Number Be Traced? 

While the number provided to a user by TextFree is anonymous, you can still trace it back to the user’s device. You can do this by changing your settings to see their IP address, or by contacting their customer support team. 

In Conclusion 

Tracking a TextFree number can be tricky, especially if the sender gives you no personal information whatsoever. In such situations, you have no option but to reach out to the app’s customer support team for help. However, there are a few techniques that you can still use to try and find out who the sender is. 

From getting their IP address to extracting some personal information to looking them up on social media, these are just two of the many listed in this guide. However, if you have a strong suspicion of who the sender is, you can use cell phone monitoring apps like uMobix to find out for sure. However, you’ll need to get physical access to their device or know their iCloud credentials to do so. 

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