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Cookie Policy

Our Use of the Personal Information You Provide

Our users can access our website without a requirement to provide personal data. However, when you buy our software, after installing same on your personal devices, you will be prompted to enter in user details. Billing method and mode of payment, which you select, provides us with data like your names, location address, email address as well as credit card or other payment credentials. Your mode of payment provides details to the payment processor which is not available to us.

Our welcome email is sent to you after your payment is processed and proof is received by us. Our first message to you conveys your login verification and password needed to access our website. Whenever you make any request or inquiries, we are able to reply your queries through your email address or preferred contact method.

It is important that you take note that any information required from you at anytime is needed to enhance your user experience on our website. Failure to provide the required details may limit your user experience.

While we endeavor to safeguard your personal data as provided to us on your own accord, it is also vital to let you know that we do not share these details with third parties except you so authorize. When you provide your data on our website, they are password provided, and this requires that you safeguard your password from unauthorized access.

You are advised to make sure that whenever you access our website from shared computers that you take steps to ensure that you sign out after such times. This step is necessary to avoid any unauthorized access of your personal data. The management of the login and password to our website is your personal responsibility.

Opt-in commercial publicity from third parties requires that we communicate same to you via emails. If you do not want to receive such, you are free to opt-out at any time. Each email message from us in this regard, includes a opt-out footnote that incorporates a link to click or a box to check to let us know that you do not want any more commercial notifications.