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A Comprehensive FlexiSpy Review for 2023: Is It Still Worth It?

Last Updated: September 6, 2023 by Vikram


One of the most advanced parental control apps on the market – FlexiSpy, has been around for a while. You’ll see its name mentioned in a lot of guides about the best monitoring software, and rightfully so. Understandably, we had to take a look at this app to find out how well it performs by putting it to the test and putting down all our findings in a detailed FlexiSpy review.

If you’re in the market for a parental control app, this guide is for you. We take a look at all the features this app has to offer, the various devices it’s compatible with, its installation process, customer support, pricing, and a whole lot more.

What is FlexiSpy?

FlexiSpy's online dashboard

FlexiSpy is one of the most advanced cell phone monitoring apps for anyone looking to monitor a smartphone or a computer device. It offers a host of advanced monitoring features that allow you to track everything from phone calls, text messages, social media apps, and browsing histories, and perform various remote functions on the target device.

The app works discreetly in the background and is also ideal for use in enterprises and commercial settings as an employee monitoring tool.

FlexiSpy Compatibility

FlexiSpy is one of the most widely compatible apps on the market, and unlike a lot of other spy apps, it can also be used as a c computer monitoring software for Windows and macOS devices. The minimum OS requirements for each platform are given below –

  • iOS – iOS 6.0 and up
  • Android – Android 4.0 and up
  • Windows – Windows 7-11
  • macOS – Mavericks (10.9) to Big Sur (11)

FlexiSpy Features

In this section, we take a look at the various features FlexiSpy has to offer. From the more basic features to the advanced spy features, we cover the most important ones so you know how well the app performs.

Phone Call Monitoring

Monitoring all the calls on the target device

The first feature you’ll see on the app’s dashboard is the phone call monitoring feature. This gives you a record of all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. The app offers plenty of information, including –

  • The name or phone number of the contact
  • The call duration
  • The date and timestamp of each call

However, aside from all this basic information, the app also lets you filter calls based on whether they’re incoming, outgoing, or missed. Additionally, you can also search for a call from a specific number or contact, star a call as important, or even delete it from the device’s call logs.

What’s more, FlexiSpy also offers an intuitive call recording feature with which you can record calls and listen to them later. You get information such as the name and phone number, the call duration, and the date and time stamp, along with the ability to download each call recording onto your device. You also get various remote tools such as the ability to select the call recording source or set up a watchlist so the app can always record phone calls from specific numbers.

You can also track VoIP calls with this app.


Monitoring keystrokes on all the apps installed

The keylogger is one of FlexiSpy’s most advanced features and it tracks all the key logs from every single app. On the dashboard, you’ll see that you can sort them out based on groups or in the form of a list. You’ll be shown the app from which each keystroke has been recorded, and you can even do a keyword search if you’re looking for something specific.

When you sort all the keystrokes by groups, the app sorts them based on the app, and once you click on each app, you’ll see all the keystrokes entered, along with the date and time at which it was recorded.

Text Message Monitoring

Monitoring texts on the target cell phone

The ability to monitor text messages is another crucial feature you get with this spy app. All the information recorded is shown in an intuitive manner, and you get the flexibility to sort the messages based on groups or contacts or see them in the form of a list. Some of the key pieces of information you get for each text message include –

  • The name or phone number of each contact
  • The content of the message
  • The date and timestamp for each message

When you sort the messages in a list, you also get to see which message was received and which was sent. In the group setting, on the other hand, the messages are presented in a conversation view, just like they are with the mSpy app. You also get a handy search function.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media platforms with the FlexiSpy app

Monitoring social media or instant messaging apps on the target phone is a key feature of any spy app, and once again FlexiSpy does a great job of tracking them. The app monitors various platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, and more.

As you can see in the image above, all the chats are grouped by contacts, along with which app the communication took place on. When you open a chat, it opens up in a conversation view, making it easy to read conversations as a whole.

You also get information such as the name or username of the contact, and the date and timestamp of each message. What’s more, you also get the ability to search for specific messages based on keywords, taking your access to the target device to the next level.

App Screenshots

FlexiSpy capturing screenshots of the activity on each app installed

Taking screenshots of all the apps on the target device is one of the most advanced features of the FlexiSpy app. On the dashboard, you’ll see that all the screenshots are grouped based on which app they’re taken from, and you can click on one to view all the screenshots taken on it. You’ll get to see all the screenshots sorted by dates and months, along with the time at which they were captured once you hover over each image.

The app also gives you the option to manually enable or disable this feature based on your needs. Additionally, you can choose to view them in a group or in the form of a slider, and can also search for screenshots from a specific app. This feature gives you a complete overview of all the activities on the target phone, allowing you to monitor the entire app usage.

GPS Tracking

Tracking GPS locations using the FlexiSpy monitoring app

Another crucial feature that works on both Android phones and iOS devices is FlexiSpy’s ability to track GPS locations in real-time. Once you navigate to the Locations section, you’ll see that the app first shows you a map of the location, along with its details below. These details include –

  • Coordinates
  • Accuracy in meters
  • The date and time of each location
  • A link to open the location on Google Maps.

You also get the option to sort through the latest recorded location, and the target’s overall location history with its location tracking feature. Additionally, you also get the option to have the app continuously send location data to your account, or only get the location on command.

Other Features

Aside from the features described above, FlexiSpy offers a whole lot more that a lot of other spying apps simply can’t match. For example, you get to use several remote commands, including recording the phone surroundings, remotely tapping the target phone’s camera to capture images and record videos, and enabling live listening for phone calls.

Other than these, you also get the ability to send spoof messages, monitor the target’s browser history, app blocking, and a whole lot more.

How Much Does FlexiSpy Cost?

FlexiSpy offers comes with three different subscriptions, namely Lite, Premium, and Extreme. The three packages are different in terms of the features they offer; Lite gives you access to the app’s basic features, whereas Extreme gives you access to all the features of the app.

Pricing packages of the FlexiSpy spying app

The most important thing to note is that while FlexiSpy doesn’t offer a free trial, it does offer a demo on its website, along with a 10-day money-back guarantee.

How to Install FlexiSpy

As mentioned earlier, FlexiSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. However, if you want to access the advanced features this app has to offer, the target device will need to be rooted or jailbroken. However, since these processes can be rather complicated, you can purchase FlexiSpy’s installation service along with your subscription to make the process easier.

Installing FlexiSpy on Android

Step 1 – Create an account on the FlexiSpy website and purchase a subscription of your choice.

Step 2 – Log in with your credentials and choose whether you want to manually install the app or purchase their installation service. If you choose to manually install the app, you’ll have to disable Google Play Protect on the target device, and then install the app on it.

Step 3 – On the target phone, open Google Play and navigate to the hamburger icon in the top right corner. Select Play Protect, and disable the two options on the page.

Step 4 – Download the app on the target device and open the installation wizard. Give the app all the permissions it needs, and all these steps will be provided to you in the welcome email.

Step 5 – Once you’ve given the app all the permissions it needs and completed the installation process, you’ll notice that the app remains completely hidden on the target device.

The key to note is that rooted Android devices will get access to all of the app’s features, whereas a non-rooted device will only be able to access the basic ones.

Installing FlexiSpy on iOS

The most important thing to note about installing FlexiSpy on an iOS device is that, unlike a lot of other spy apps, this can be installed on an iPhone without the iCloud account credentials, provided the device is jailbroken. It is the only spy app that offers such remote installation.

However, given that the jailbreaking process can be rather channeling, FlexiSpy also allows you to buy smartphones with the FlexiSpy app pre-installed. This makes the whole process of accessing its monitoring capabilities a breeze.

Pros and Cons


  • Packed with features
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Offers plenty of control over the target phone
  • Beginner friendly
  • Offers mobile devices with the app pre-installed
  • Allows for installation without iCloud credentials on jailbroken iPhones


  • Advanced features require rooting and jailbreaking
  • Can be expensive for some

Is FlexiSpy Legal?

Yes, FlexiSpy is completely legal, as long as you’re using it to monitor your child or your employees. However, just like with any spy app, using FlexiSpy to monitor someone without their consent is illegal. Always check your local laws for more clarity on their privacy-related provisions.

Is FlexiSpy Detectable?

No, once FlexiSpy is installed on the target device, it remains completely undetectable, and the app icon doesn’t show up on the device’s app drawer. This allows you to monitor the target device discreetly.

Can FlexiSpy Be Uninstalled Remotely?

Yes, you can uninstall FlexiSpy remotely at any time from your app’s dashboard. However, do keep in mind that once you deactivate your account, all the data on your account will be deleted, so you must make sure to download any data you want for later use.

Final Verdict

If there’s one thing that this FlexiSpy review has made clear, it’s that this is truly one of the most advanced monitoring applications you can find. Be it basic features like monitoring calls, texts, and social media platforms, to advanced features like its surround recording feature, the call intercept feature, and the remote camera feature, FlexiSpy offers it all.

The app is compatible with Android and iPhones, along with Windows and macOS computers, offering a wide range of device compatibility. Further, the amount of control the app gives you over the target device is truly remarkable. Overall, we’d highly recommend this over several other tracking apps you can find online.

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