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Text Message Spying

Text Message Spying
Monitor All Sent and Received Text Messages in Secret
Find out who they’re communicating with via SMS
View all incoming and outgoing text messages on iPhone and Android.
Read all deleted text messages and iMessages.
View any media files, along with timestamp information.
Set up with ease and monitor all text messages.
Spy on Text Messages in 3 Simple Steps
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Set up TeenSafe
Follow the on-screen instructions to set up TeenSafe on the device.
Start Monitoring Texts
Access all text messages from the app’s dashboard.
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Monitoring Text Messages is Crucial

While social media apps have taken the world of communication by storm, people still communicate a lot via text messages. TeenSafe gives you access to all text messages on the device in complete secrecy. 

Parental Control Tool

Children still communicate a lot via text messages, and parents want to know who they communicate with and what they talk about. TeenSafe’s text message tracker gives you complete access to all text messages along with media files sent and received. 

Employee Monitoring

Keeping employees on their toes at all times is crucial to making the most profits. Employees often tend to slack off during work hours, and monitoring their text messages can give you an insight into what they’re doing when they’re supposed to be working. 

Viewing OTPs

Most social media apps these days use two-factor authentication to enable you to log into your accounts. With TeenSafe, you get access to the OTPs they receive so that you get access to the social media apps they’re logging into. 

Track SMS Without Rooting or Jailbreak

With TeenSafe, you can monitor the user’s text messages without having to root or jailbreak their devices. You can easily install the app without physical access to the phone for iPhones. You can also easily set up the app on Android.

SMS Spy in Secrecy

TeenSafe operates with 100% invisibility in Stealth Mode. This means that the user of the target device will never know that their text messages are being monitored in real-time.