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TurboSpy Review: Is This Monitoring App Any Good?

Last Updated: September 6, 2023 by Vikram


TurboSpy is one of the newer players in the world of monitoring apps. It aims to offer all the features you can expect from monitoring software of its caliber while being easy to use and reliable. But how does TurboSpy compare to the benchmarks set by some of the other major apps in the market? In this TurboSpy review, we’ll take you through all the app’s features, what devices it’s compatible with, how much it costs, how to set it up on the target cell phone, and more.

What is TurboSpy?

TurboSpy cell phone spy app

As mentioned earlier, TurboSpy is one of the new monitoring software available today. It works by uploading all the data from the target device once the installation process is complete, so you can access it from the app’s rather user-friendly dashboard. Some of the operations this app can monitor include –

  • Phone calls
  • Browser history
  • GPS tracking
  • Social media apps
  • Text messages
  • Email history, and more.

TurboSpy Compatibility

Like most other phone spy apps, TurboSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The basic requirements for both platforms are given below –

  • iOS – Works on iPhone 7 and up
  • Android – Android version 3.0 and up.

TurboSpy Features

TurboSpy offers most of the features you’d expect from a phone monitoring app. Each of these features is described in detail below.

Monitoring Phone Calls

Monitoring call logs with the TurboSpy monitoring software

This is one of the most important features of any cell phone monitoring app. TurboSpy enables users to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device via its control panel. You get to see all these records in a list, along with details such as –

  • The name of phone number of each contact
  • The call duration
  • The date and time of each call

However, this monitoring app doesn’t offer a call recording function, so you can’t record calls to listen to them later.

Text Message Monitoring

Monitoring texts with TurboSpy

Monitoring text messages is another crucial function this app does rather well. Whether the target uses an Android phone or an iPhone, you’ll be able to see all their text messages on the dashboard. This way, you can keep track of who your child or partner talks to and what they talk about. The app also gives you plenty of data, such as –

  • The name or phone number of each contact
  • The content of the messages
  • The date and time of each message
  • Access to deleted or private messages

Accessing private messages is one of those advanced features that many spy apps miss out on, but the TurboSpy app offers.

GPS Tracking

TurboSpy location tracking feature

Tracing your child’s GPS location can be crucial, especially if you’re worried about their safety when they’re out with their friends. With TurboSpy, you can track the exact location of the target phone. The highlight of this app is that it tracks both Android devices and iOS devices within 50 feet of its location.

Monitoring Social Media Activities

Monitoring social media platforms with TurboSpy

Children and adults alike spend a lot of time on social media apps. Children use it to communicate with their peers, and adults often use it as a means of cheating on their partners. Regardless of who you monitor, TurboSpy’s social media tracking allows you to monitor all their online activities to see who they talk to.

You can monitor various social media apps, including –

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat, and more.

You can use this feature to monitor their messages, likes, and other activities on these apps.

Monitoring Photos and Videos

Media files montioring via the TurboSpy app

With the TurboSpy monitoring app, you can also monitor all the photos and videos stored on the target phone. These include all pre-existing media files, along with those that are sent or received via the various social media apps the target uses.

Contact List Monitoring

Tracking the target's contact list with TurboSpy

Aside from seeing who the target communicates with, it can often be important to see what contacts they have saved on their phones. With Turbo Spy, you can see a list of all the contacts saved on the target’s address book.

Aside from the name and phone number, the app will also show you any other details that are saved for each contact card, including their email ID and physical address. You can seamlessly access all this data from the app’s dashboard.

Monitoring Email History

Aside from keeping track of calls, text messages, and chats on social media apps, this monitoring app also gives you access to all the sent and received emails on the device. Whether the target uses Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, you can easily access the content of each email to see what they contain.

Browser History Monitoring

Another one of this app’s key features is its ability to track the target’s browser history and internet searches. This gives you a complete overview of what they search for on the internet. The app will show you information such as –

  • The name of the website
  • The website’s URL
  • The date and time at which the website or web page was visited

Remote Image Capture

One of the advanced features of this phone monitoring app is that it also allows you to remotely use the target device to capture an image of its surroundings. This can come in particularly handy when you want to see where your child or partner is at any given point in time. The image is captured via the Android phone or iPhone and saved on the dashboard for you to view.

How Much Does TurboSpy Cost?

TurboSpy comes with two main plans. The first is the Basic Plan, and the second, which offers a lot more features, is the Pro Plan. The prices are the same, whether you’re using it to monitor an Android phone or an iOS device. These are given in the image below.

Pricing plans of the Turbo Spy monitoring app

How to Install TurboSpy

Installing TurboSpy on both Android and iOS devices is easy. However, the primary difference in both processes is that installing this monitoring software on Android devices requires physical access to the target phone, whereas the same isn’t required for iOS.

Installing TurboSpy on Android

Step 1 – To start the installation process, create an account on the TurboSpy app and select a subscription of your choice.

Step 2 – Open the email sent to you and forward it to the device you want to monitor.

Step 3 – Open the link in the email on the target device.

Step 4 – Follow the instructions provided on the installation wizard to give the app the necessary permissions.

Step 5 – Enter the license key sent to you in the email.

Step 6 – Log in to your TurnoSpy dashboard and wait for all the data from the target cell phone to be uploaded. Once this is complete, you can start monitoring the device using this spy monitoring app.

All you need is an internet enabled device for this process, and you’re good to go. As you can see, you will need physical access to the target device to install the app.

Installing TurboSpy on Apple Devices

Step 1 – Create an account on the TurboSpy website and select a subscription plan.

Step 2 – Follow the instructions in the email provided to sync the iPhone with the app.

Step 3 – Enter the unique license key to complete the installation process.

Step 4 – Log in to your account and open the dashboard. Wait for the data to start streaming in, and then start monitoring the device at your leisure.

Customer Support

In our experience, we found TurboSpy’s customer support to be largely responsive. If you have any problems installing the app, you can contact their customer support line to receive guidance on the process. We also tested their responsiveness and knowledge with some basic and trickier questions, and we found them to be knowledgeable and helpful throughout.

Pros and Cons


  • Works on both Android and iPhone
  • Monitors multiple social media apps
  • Straightforward subscription plans


  • The Basic Plan doesn’t offer social media monitoring
  • Geofencing is only available in the Pro Plan
  • The installation process isn’t the most simple

In Conclusion

Our experience with TurboSpy left us pleasantly surprised. Despite being a new player in the market, it offers a lot of the features we’ve come to expect from a good cell phone monitoring app. Whether you want to monitor Android devices or an iPhone, this app works well on both platforms and offers a simple installation process.

With a one time payment, you get access to all the features it has to offer. However, the Basic Plan only gives you access to some of the app’s simpler features. If you want to monitor everything from keystrokes to social media or capture remote images, you’ll have to purchase the Pro Plan.

Overall, after a detailed TurboSpy review, we’d recommend the Turbo Spy monitoring app to anyone who wants to try their hands at something new.

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