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What Is The Alternative?

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Does TeenSafe Work?

The project was a success in its time, and many parents insist on using what remains of TeenSafe parental controls.

It only works with old OS versions, though. The website is down; no support or updates are to be expected

What is TeenSafe Parental Control?

TeenSafe software is a set of two outdated parental control apps: TeenSafe Monitoring and TeenSafe Control.

Founded in 2011 in California, the provider discontinued the programs in 2018 after a significant user data leak.

The Best TeenSafe Alternative

With the uMobix high-end phone monitoring software, there’s no need to feel nostalgia for old-school apps like TeenSafe.

For 70% less money, you get 4x more functionality and performance, professional support, and other perks. We’ve checked.

TeenSafe VS uMobix

Reviews Rating3 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars
Compatibilityup to iOS 11 & Android 8All iOS and Android versions
IM MonitoringFacebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & KiK10+ most popular messengers
Blocking FeaturesYes (with a separate app)Yes
Data Updatesevery 6 hoursevery 5 minutes
Cost$14.95/month + $9.95/monthstarting from $8.33/month
Freebies7-day free trialfree demo, 7-day free trial, refund possible
Stealth Mode & AnonymityNoYes
Customer ServiceMonday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST phone, email, & contact form support24/7 multilingual live chat, email, phone support + VIP assistance via Team Viewer


How to Use TeenSafe?

The software kit is somewhat complicated: you will have to install three different programs to get the most out of TeenSafe (which is not much, to be honest).

TeenSafe Monitoring is a cell phone surveillance application, capable of:

  • Viewing text messages (received, sent, deleted)
  • Checking call logs (incoming/outgoing calls) and contacts
  • Tracking real-time GPS location and location history
  • Monitoring web browser history

TeenSafe Control is a parental control app that blocks inappropriate content and manages the child’s device. It can:

  • Control all device activity with the Pause button remotely (it can block phone’s every function except calls);
  • Schedule appropriate device use;
  • Allow or restrict phone features, apps;
  • See internet history, block sites

TeenSafe Desktop is a program for parents installed on a Mac or a Windows PC and runs in the background, collecting kid’s phone activity data from TeenSafe servers.

TeenSafe iPhone-only feature: access to Instagram& Facebook activity, WhatsApp & KiK sent and received messages.

TeenSafe Android-only feature: complete list of installed third-party apps.

How to Use uMobix?

All you need to use the uMobix monitoring app is an uMobix account with a paid subscription and any browser. If the child’s target device is an iPhone or an iPad, you won’t even have to install the application (more about it in the next round). You simply open the web page with a personal control panel and discreetly monitor the following:

10+ Social media chats

Photo and video messages included with user IDs and even call logs on Skype, LINE, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Location history

Both GPS and Wi-Fi-based live position on Google Maps, exact geographical coordinates.


uMobix captures everything your little ones type on the phone’s virtual keyboard: messages, passwords, notes.


You can create a list of troubling words and the app will alert you if they come up while teens use their phone.


Kid’s photos and videos with timestamps will be at your fingertips, ready for viewing or downloading.

Internet history

With accurate timing, full list of bookmarks, URLs, Google searches and number of views.


With names, numbers, email addresses and other personal info.


With frequency, duration, type (incoming/ outgoing/ missed/ canceled), and timestamps.

Texts, iMessages, emails

With timestamps and any media, whether they were sent, received, or deleted.


You’ll be able to access any events on teen’s schedule, check where they take place.

uMobix blocking features include restricting unwanted callers, Wi-Fi networks, websites, and applications. uMobix is a clear winner, boasting four times more functions. It not only offers you 99,9% of TeenSafe features but also brings them to a whole new level.


How to Install and Setup TeenSafe?

    1. OS versions above iOS 11 and Android 8 are not supported.
    2. You don’t have to root or jailbreak kid’s devices, but the features are limited.
    3. TeenSafe will instantly notify the child about the installation via email.
    4. The TeenSafe app cannot be hidden and requires physical access to the device.
    1.  Go to Settings > Applications > enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
    2. Turn off Improve Harmful App Detection or Scan Device for Security Threats.
    3. Log in to your TeenSafe account or create one.
    4. Click Add Child on the dashboard and enter the child’s name.
    5. Under the Android phone picture, pick Add.
    6. Click Next and wait for a message to your child’s Android device.
    7. Follow the link to the TeenSafe app and click Install.
    8. After the download is complete, open the app on the child’s phone.
    9. On your control panel, click Continue.
    10. On the child’s device, enter your email and click Next. You’re all set to monitor!
    1. Create an account at www.teensafe.com. Note that you will have to provide your full name.
    2. Connect the device to the power source and make sure it has Wi-Fi connectivity.
    3. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and activate iCloud backup.
    4. Tap Back up now and wait until the progress bar is gone.
    5. 4 to 5 hours later, Apple will finish processing the data. Go to your control panel at www.teensafe.com.
    6. Choose Add Child and enter their name, then go to the Setup tab.
    7. Select Add under a picture of the iPhone and enter your child’s Apple ID.
    8. To refresh phone activity data, click on Get Latest Data

How to Install and Setup uMobix?

    1. uMobix supports ALL iOS as well as Android 4+ versions.
    2. uMobix is a no-root & no-jailbreak solution which doesn’t limit its functionality.
    3. uMobix is a hidden monitoring app that runs invisibly in the background.
    4. uMobix can be installed remotely
    1. Go to Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect on the target phone and turn off Scan device for security threats.
    2. Using incognito mode on the phone’s browser, type in b33w.net/a in the address bar to download the installation file.
    3. You will find the bt.apk file in the File Manager > Downloads. Clicking on it will launch the installation.
    4. Accept the license agreement and choose your preferences in the next step.
    5. In the Accessibility settings, you should turn on the Framework update service.
    6. In the Usage data access section, turn on Update service.
    7. Create an account on uMobix like in the iOS guide and choose Android in the control panel. Press Proceed.
    8. You’ll get a registration code to be entered in the target phone’s uMobix app. Then press Finish in the control panel. You’re ready to monitor!
    1. Go to uMobix and choose a subscription according to your needs and budget.
    2. Fill in your billing information, choose the payment method, and proceed with the payment.
    3. Receive a welcome email with your credentials and use them to log in to the control panel.
    4. On the target phone, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, activate iCloud backup, and tap Back up now.
    5. All further backups will be done automatically when the phone is charging, not in use, and connected to Wi-Fi.
    6. In your uMobix account, enter the target phone Apple credentials and press Verify.
    7. Choose the backup and click Proceed.
    8. Select Finish, and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. Voilà!

While uMobix is not much easier to install, it is up-to-date with the latest OS versions. Unlike TeenSafe, uMobix allows parents to decide whether they want their kids to know about the monitoring.


How Much Does TeenSafe Cost?

TeenSafe Monitor

$ 14.99/month

TeenSafe Control

$ 9.99/month

TeenSafe Desktop

Free add-on

How Much Does uMobix Cost?

Kit options for up to 3 devices with up to 76% off!

1 Month



Buy now

3 Months



Buy now

12 Months



Buy now

uMobix’s multiple subscription options can fit every need and budget, while TeenSafe pricing is less flexible in comparison. The TeenSafe’s limitless number of devices seems attractive, but is limited functionality worth it?


TeenSafe app used to have a loyal base of about 1 million customers. Nowadays, it is sadly remembered as the provider who has leaked ten thousand accounts of both parents and children. Apparently, two TeenSafe Amazon Cloud-based servers weren’t even password-protected, and data was stored there as a non-encrypted plain text.

Moreover, the app isn’t compatible with the two-factor authentication security feature, so it required the users to turn it off before installing. It means that basically anyone could access the TeenSafe database and get into user’s phones using leaked parent’s emails and Apple IDs of children. For this reason, the TeenSafe tracker isn’t working since 2018.

uMobix is featured and endorsed on trusted sources, such as Forbes, Tech Times FOX, and others. It boasts more than a million users around the world and an impressive 87% customer satisfaction rate.

uMobix complies with the GDPR guidelines on storing and processing data. It is secured by high-end encryption technologies that make child information accessible to parents alone.

Final Verdict: TeenSafe is a well-designed software that boasts monitoring an unlimited number of devices and the unique Pause Button feature.

Still, in every round, the uMobix software has emerged victorious. uMobix’s 30+ features, flawless 5-year reputation on the market, and affordability of $1 per day have us convinced it’s the optimal choice.


Jennifer photo


Something weird was happening to my daughter. She was always in a bad mood and wouldn’t come out of her room. Every time she got a message, she looked like she was about to cry. I tried talking to her, but she refused to come clean. That’s when I found uMobix™. I looked through her chats, and it turned out that she was bullied by her classmates! They kept sending offensive jokes and made awful photoshopped pictures of her.

Clara photo


I would have never in my life thought that my son would get into online gambling. He wasn’t the type of person to mess with such things. At least I thought he wasn’t. Then I found out that all of my secret savings were gone. I thought we were robbed, but then I noticed that my son was unusually anxious and fidgety. Of course, he would deny anything. I searched for a way to check his messages without touching his phone and found uMobix™.

Klaus photo


I’ve heard a lot about the victims of online predators but never thought my daughter would become one of them. uMobix™ helped me to bust a man who sent my 14-year-old daughter inappropriate texts and disgusting photos. I could not believe my eyes! He was trying to lure her into meeting him and running away together. I don’t want to even imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t found out about it on time.


How Does TeenSafe Work?

In their TeenSafe reviews, users reported:

  • frequent crashes on Android devices
  • connection issues on iPhones
  • a complicated installation process
  • a long wait for updates
  • unreliable location tracking
  • no data loading

Does TeenSafe Monitor Snapchat and Instagram?

TeenSafe does monitor Instagram, but it can only show you chats and comments, no pictures or videos. The Snapchat monitoring feature is not available.

Is TeenSafe a Scam?

Although TeenSafe did allow a major user data leak to happen three years ago, it seems to be due to the servers’ technical issue and lack of security measures.

We have found no proof of TeenSafe using the incident to their advantage or being a scam. Quite the opposite, in fact: the provider discontinued their services after that.

Is TeenSafe Legit?

Yes, TeenSafe can be considered a legal surveillance application. Its target users are parents who are entitled to monitor their underage children’s cell phones. 

As for older children, the provider openly informs them about tracking via email, so it can’t happen without the kid’s consent.

How to Get Around TeenSafe?

To bypass TeenSafe monitoring on an iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn off the iCloud backup toggle. Done! TeenSafe is no longer able to collect data.

Getting around TeenSafe on Android devices is as easy as deleting the TeenSafe Control app from the phone. It’s not hidden or password-protected.

How to Remove TeenSafe Tracker?

Step 1. Log in to your TeenSafe account.

Step 2. Click on the child’s name to the left.

Step 3. Just above the location map, click on Settings.

Step 4. Click on the Remove button below the Android or iOS device.

Step 5. Confirm by clicking Delete.