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Cell Phone Monitoring For Parents and Employers

With TeenSafe, you can easily monitor your kids’ mobile phones. You can get information about their location, who they’re calling, their messages, and much more.

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Call Tracking

With their phones in their hands, kids are always on calls with their friends. But how can you be sure if the person on the other end is a good influence? Are they the right kind of people for your child to be with? Find out with TeenSafe’s call tracking feature.

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Message Monitoring

With so many messaging apps, kids are always talking to their friends. Sometimes, it becomes essential to monitor these conversations, and you can do so with TeenSafe. You can use it to monitor messages, SMS, and social media conversations.

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GPS Location

Teensafe’s GPS tracking feature allows you to ensure that your child arrives at their destination safely. You can also set restricted zones using the app’s Geofencing capability.

Start Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps

step 1

Sign Up Free

Sign up for a free TeenSafe Account with an existing email ID.

step 2

Install TeenSafe

Choose between Android and iOS and install the app by following the instructions given. The process just takes a few minutes.

step 3

Begin Monitoring

Once the app is installed, log into the dashboard and start monitoring the device.

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How to Install TeenSafe

1. Sign Up TeenSafe: Sign up for a free TeenSafe account for a secure download source.

2. Check Compatibility: Ensure your target device (Android or iOS) is supported.

3. Create Account: Sign up securely with your email and password.

4. Choose Plan: Pick a suitable plan (Basic or Premium) and view pricing.

5. Enter Payment: Provide payment details securely.

6. Download App: Get the TeenSafe app on your device.

7. Remote Monitoring: Access the dashboard to monitor the target device.

TeenSafe Plans & Pricing

TeenSafe Basic
TeenSafe PremiumTeenSafe Family
$39.99 / month (1 device)$9.99 / month (1 device)$69.99 / month (3 devices)