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Instagram Spy

Instagram Spy
Get Access to All Their Instagram Conversations in a Few Simple Steps
View all Their Sent and Received Messages on Instagram
See who they’re talking to on Instagram.
See their complete list of followers and who they’re following.
Get complete access to all media files exchanged, like photos and videos.
Spy on Instagram in 3 Simple Steps
Create a free account
Create a free TeenSafe account with an existing email ID
Set up the app
Follow the instructions to install the app on an Android or iOS device
Monitor Instagram
Access all the data via the online dashboard.
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Get Complete Access to Their Instagram Data

TeenSafe gives you access to all the data to the target’s Instagram app. You can monitor all their chats, their private messages, any messages that have been deleted, and align with all the media files like images and videos that have been exchanged. 

All the data is uploaded in real-time, so you get access to all the messages as soon as they’re sent or received by the user. You can also sort them out based on the number of messages you want to see per page, all the way from 10 to 100. This gives you immense flexibility and makes the task of spying on Instagram much easier.

The best part is that TeenSafe automatically archives the messages, so you can also track messages that have been deleted from the target device. You can view them under the “Social Apps” section and download or print out the chats if you need to.

Instagram Spying is Very Important

Parents always want to know who their children are talking to when they use Instagram for hours. They voice their concern online, and TeenSafe provides them with the perfect solution for Instagram spying. 

Keep Kids Safe From Danger

Just like any social media platform, Instagram is filled with people who are out to exploit vulnerable people, especially children. TeenSafe’s Instagram spying tool gives you the ability to monitor who your children are in contact with so that you can be assured of their safety at all times.

View All the Media Files They Share

With TeenSafe, you can also view all the media files like images and videos that your child shares with their contacts. Sometimes, these images can put them in danger, especially when shared with potentially harmful individuals. This feature allows you to ensure that your child isn’t in contact with such people and is thus safe at all times. 

Instagram Spying Without Root or Jailbreak

Unlike a lot of other apps, TeenSafe allows you to spy on Instagram without having to root or jailbreak the target device. This makes the installation process hassle-free and quicker, so you can get a headstart on tracking your child’s activities online.

Spy on Instagram With Complete Secrecy

TeenSafe always operated in Stealth Mode. This means that the user of the device will never know the app exists on their phone as it’s 100% invisible. The app doesn’t require access to the phone for installation on iPhones, and it also works completely remotely on Android devices. 

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