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WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy
Read all of the target’s sent and received messages along with any media files exchanged.
Here’s everything you can track on WhatsApp with TeenSafe
Read all their private and group messages.
View all sent and received media files.
Access details about all the contacts they chat with, along with their display picture.
Spy on WhatsApp without jailbreaking or rooting the device.
Monitor WhatsApp in 3 Simple Steps
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Configure TeenSafe
Follow the instructions to set up TeenSafe on your Android or iOS device.
Read WhatsApp Chats
Monitor all WhatsApp conversations via the dashboard.
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What Do the WhatsApp Chats Show?

Kids don’t always share everything with their parents. However, they’re often more comfortable sharing things with their friends on WhatsApp. Bring able to monitor their chats gives you an insight into what they’re thinking and if they’re safe at all times.
You can find out if they’re being bullied by someone, cheated, or if they’re in a relationship with someone you don’t know about. You can also find out if they’re in touch with a suspicious stranger, allowing you to take action to keep them safe.
In case of employers, they’re allowed by law to track their employees’ mobile devices to ensure they aren’t sharing any trade secrets or confidential information with a competitor or someone outside the organization.
The best part is that you can do all this without rooting or jailbreaking your devices. So, get started right away!

Spy With Ease and Security

With TeenSafe, you can view all of the target’s conversations without the data being saved on the server. This means that you’re the only one who can view this data, keeping it secure at all times. You can easily find the WhatsApp tracker on the dashboard under the “Social Apps” section on the left.
The best part is that all this data is updated in real-time, so you can track messages as soon as they’re sent to received on the target’s device. You can also view older messages that have been exchanged.
Additionally, TeenSafe also show you deleted messages. So, even if the user deletes the messages on their device, you can still view hem from the dashboard to keep track of them. As mentioned earlier, you also get to view any media files like pictures or videos that have been exchanged.

Spy On WhatsApp Without Root or Jailbreak

Most spy apps require you to either root or jailbreak your device to monitor it. However, that’s not the case with TeenSafe. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to monitor it.

Secretly Spy in WhatsApp

TeenSafe operates in Stealth Mode, which means that the user of the device will never know that they’re being spied upon. The app’s complete invisibility is ensured on Android and iOS devices alike.

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