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Skype Spy

Skype Spy
Monitor their Skype calls and messages with ease.
What Does Teensafe Offer With Its Skype Spy Feature?
Find out who the target calls, when, and for how long.
Find out if your child is being bullied or harassed via Skype.
Monitor all sent and received messages, along with media files exchanged.
Monitor Skype in Less Than 5 Minutes
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The Importance of Monitoring Skype

Skype is a video communication platform that is used by people of all ages. While organizations use it as a key medium of communication, children also use it to communicate with their peers and friends. This means that the application is a medium for a lot of different kinds of conversations.

This is where it becomes essential to monitor Skype. With Teesafe’s easy setup process, you can monitor your employees to ensure maximum employee efficiency and to ensure they don’t leak confidential information. Likewise, parents can monitor their children to ensure they aren’t having inappropriate conversations or aren’t being bullied online.

Monitor While Being Completely Invisible

With Teensafe being completely hidden on the target Android or iOS device, you can monitor the user’s conversations and calls without them finding out. The app isn’t visible in the app drawer, so the user will never find it on their device.

No Root or Jailbreak Required

You can monitor your child’s, employees’, or partner’s Skype accounts without having to root or jailbreak their device. This ensures that the app is easy to set up on the target device, thus ensuring that you can start monitoring in a matter of minutes.

Prevent Instances of Bullying or Harassment

Bullying and harassment are very common, especially so on social media. This often results in the need for parents to monitor their children’s Skype accounts to ensure they aren’t a victim of such practices. With Teensafe, you can monitor every part of your child’s conversations with their contacts, making it easier for you to detect and put a stop to such practices in time.

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