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iMessage Spy

iMessage Spy
View all the sent and received iMessages on the target iPhone.
Here’s what you can do with Teensafe’s iMessage Tracker
View every sent and received iMessage on an iPhone.
Read the target’s deleted iMessages.
View information about the contact, timestamps, media files, and more.
Monitor iMessages in 3 Simple Steps
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Read iMessages
Monitor all iMessages via the dashboard.
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Why is it important to monitor iMessages?

While social media applications are popular mediums of communication worldwide, iMessages on iPhones remain a popular method too. They’re often used by people of all age groups and for all kinds of communication.

With Teensafe, you can monitor all of the target’s iMessages, whether they’ve been sent or received by the user, along with information about the people the user is talking to, the timestamps of the messages and the media files exchanged between the two.

Effective Parental Control

Teensafe’s ability to monitor the target’s iMessages makes it the perfect parental control software. After setting it with great ease, you can use the dashboard to monitor who your child or children talk to, what they talk about, and when they have these conversations.

Viewing OTPs

Given that Teensafe can monitor all sent and received iMessages, you can also use it to get access to all the OTPs the target receives on their device. This can allow you to access all their social media applications, too, as these OTPs are often used as part of the two-factor authentication system while logging into them.

Read iMessages With Complete Secrecy.

Once Teensafe is installed on the target iPhone, it can be set to be 100% invisible on the target device. This way, you can monitor all the iMessages on the target device with its user never knowing about the app’s presence on their phone. This offers you complete secrecy while monitoring them.

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